Gardening Projects

wicking beds  

Wicking Bed Raised Garden

How to design and build wicking bed raised gardens for use in Austin Texas and elsewhere. Wicking beds are a great way to save water and always maintain proper watering of your plants...

high altitude garden 

High Altitude Gardening

Growing vegetable and flower gardens at high altitude (above 7500ft). Keeping the deer out. Selecting plants that will grow well up here. Supplies: high altitude seeds. Composting, manure and soil prep.


My House Plants Guide

Identify, and care for my house plants. Watering, care, pruning etc... This is a collection of my house plants so I can take care of them when they get sick or forget how much water they need. Takes the guess work out of what they are and what they need.


Home Improvement Projects 
Gardening Projects

How to install stone veneer 

How to install Stone Veneer

How to install stone veneer: including how to videos, equipment and supply lists. Remodeling House for curb appeal on front of the house. Adding Stone Veneer, cedar beams and Cedar siding at the Apex.

crown molding

How to Cut Crown Molding

The best way to cut crown molding is with a Miter saw AKA Chop saw. However if you only have a Table Saw to work with you can still do it. Here's how.

rainwater collection

Rainwater Harvesting / Collection

Provide pictures and commentary about how to build a rain water harvesting system with a Rainwater Pillow in Austin TX.