Monday, 18 June 2012 13:42

CoKnown in Mission Small Business Competition

CoKnown Needs Your Help!
Mission Small BusinessCoKnown has entered the Chase & Living Social Mission Small Bussiness $250,000 Grant competition. We Need Your Vote!!!   It's easy & only takes a minute.
We have 223 votes and we need 250 to be eligible. UPDATE - We now have over 300 - Thank you all for your support!
If you haven't had a chance to vote yet please do. We love watching the votes grow higher. And it certainly won't hurt to go well over in this area.

How to Vote:Yin-Yang-smile   
    1) Click the link for Chase Mission Small Business

    2) Click Login & Support
    3) Search for CoKnown
    4) Click Vote for CoKnown
That's It - You're Done!

Thank You From All of Us at Team CoKnown!

Eric-CoKnown McKenzie-CoKnown-2 Zoe-CoKnown-3F Kyle
Michelle-CoKnown-2 Ed-Seabolt nicole mickey