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Wakarusa Music Festive - CoKnown as a Personal Travel Guide

CoKnown Projects can help you do just about anything, like organizing a trip to a music festival.  I'll be attending the Wakarusa Music Festival in Ozark, Arkansas this weekend and I got organized using my own CoKnown project.  I created several tabs in my project that contained directions to and from the festival site and my home, as well as band information with music samples, food venue and camping information, and most importantly, the schedules for all the sages at Wakarusa.  By adding my five friends attending with me as cosearchers, we were all able to collaboratively create this extensive project for our trip together.  Not only were we able to share information, but also able sign up to bring certain items that we could all use camping (like a camp stove, for example, or a first aid kit).

Wakarusa is one of the many music festivals that take place all over the united states in the spring and summertime.  This one in particular is a festival that a majority of the attendees camp at.  Without a hotel to stay in each night in between the four days of concerts, it is critical to be one hundred percent prepared before arriving.  My five friends and I have packed two cars to the brim of camping gear, food, 12 gallons of water, clothing, plenty of liquor, and emergency items. 

CoKnown was helpful in not only helping us prepare for this trip, but I will be able to take my project with me on the trip.  By saving the web address of my wakarusa project onto the home screen of my iPhone, I will now have an easy shortcut to view the stage schedules or any other important information on the go!  Thanks coknown, for making my Wakarusa trip so organized! 

Wakarusa CoKnown Project

Here's my Wakarus Travel Project

I'll be updating this post and letting you know more about how the trip went!

Following up after the Festival. Even with the crazy lightning and hail storms that passed through the Ozarks last weekend, the Wakarusa Music Festival was a blast!  Over 80 artists performed on five different stages in four days for thousands of people that gathered from all over the US to dance and sing together to their favorite musicians. 

My Wakarusa project did not end up getting used as much as I thought it would, considering that cell phone service was barely there, and a 3G network inexistent.  Also, the music festival handed out programs with schedules on them that ended up being more convenient to carry around then our cell phones.

However, this festival is about as remote as they get.  In the middle of the Ozarks in Arkansas, I did not expect to be able to use my cell phone much, let alone its "smart" capabilities.  I have attended one other music festival, that took place in downtown Avon, Colorado.  This was a festival where i did use my cell phone every day, and there were no schedules being handed out.  I still believe that CoKnown can be a great tool for music festivals, as long as your phone is accessible.

We were also able to check with information on my project for the drive there, when we needed to double check our directions, and  figure out exactly where we needed to stop to get our tickets and camping passes before entering the festival's site.

Zoe Deneau
Team CoKnown

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