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CoKnown Toolbar Vr. 2.0.24 Released


Yin-Yang-smileWe love getting Feedback! It helps us make CoKnown even better. We've listen to everyone and added new features and refined long standing ones. The result is - it's even eaiser to use! We've worked hard to get all the changes into this version.

Here's what we've done to improve the Toolbar based on user feedback.

1) It's Faster
People didn't like waiting for the Toolbar to have to load. So the Toolbar is now always loaded and ready to go. Just Pick a Project from the menu and start saving. We also reduced the time it takes the menu to load in a fresh window to just a few seconds.

2) It's Easier for First time users
First time users were having a hard time finding Firefox's Add-ons window, so we put the login right in the Toolbar. Just click the Gear icon for the help menu. Need help getting started? Click "Getting Started."  Forgoten something? Click Toolbar Help.

3) Jump to Your Project quick!
Just click on the Go to CoKnown icon. Your Project page will open in a new Tab. OK that one isn't new. But it's really helpful.

4) CoSearcher's Projects identified with a  Smiley face
This makes it easier to see which Projects are yours and which ones you're helping out on

5) Reload icon
You can reload the Toolbar menu if you Start a Project or make changes from CoKnown.

6) Easier Page Clipping
Some people didn't feel that Page Clipping was intuitive. So now when you click on the Clip Page Icon you're guided throught the process right on the page you're clipping. Full Archival Webpages are saved automatically with Premium Accounts.

7) Increased Security
Passwords are stored and encrypted by Firefox. Logins are SSL encrypted.

Click here to get the latest Toolbar

Eric May

Eric May

Founder & CEO

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