Hurricane Irene 2011 Project on CoKnown
Tuesday, 30 August 2011 00:00

Hurricane Irene 2011 CoKnown Project 718

Hurricane Irene garnered a great deal of attention as the storm made its way up the east coast of the US. In an attempt to keep track of all the forecasts, maps, reports, pictures and any other relevant data, we created a Hurricane Irene 2011 project on CoKnown.  This project generated a great deal of interest with over 3000 unique visitors to the project in just a few days time. 

The CoSearchers that worked this project posted links to it on various places including Facebook, Weather Underground, The Weather Channel, AP stories carried on Yahoo and elsewhere, NT Times and a number of different weather blogs.  The largest response came from the Miami Herald where over 1000 unique visitors clicked the CoKnown project link. 

We hope that the information we provided about Hurricane Irene was useful to those affected by and/or interested in the storm.