Use CoKnown When You Want to Search Save or Share

CoKnown Keeps everything Organized
With CoKnown Multiple People can work on the same Project in Realtime
With CoKnown everything is available on any internet connected Device

A Few Examples

You can use CoKnown for Any kind of Research! Here are some ideas.

iPad recipesRecipe Collections
• Crop Recipe pages for quick inline viewing
• Custom Lists organize your collection
• Drag & Drop to sort your recipes
• Available Everyhere
• Share Your Recipes from wherever you are
(Great for Dinner Parties!)

Click here for Eric's Recipes Project
house projectProject Planning
• Collect Ideas for the "New Look"
• Collaborate on Look & Feel
• Organize your Tutorials
• Make Notes on Your Plan
• Write out your Suppy list
• Never forget anything at the store again
• Share with Your DIY Friends

Click here for Stone Veneer Project
Travel PlanningTravel Planning
• Crop & Save webapges for quick viewing
• Collaborate with Everyone who's going
• Get Travel Tips from Friends
• Organize everything with Custom lists
• Take EVERYTHING with You!
• CoKnown is Your Personal Travel Assistant
• Relax!
Research Papers
• Collect Ideas for your Topic
• Use the CoKnown Research Toolbar to crop and save webpages
• Set up Custom Lists to further organize
• Collaborate with other students
• Use NoteBoxes to start writing within the context of your Project
Car Shopping
• Reasearch with CoKnown
• Collaborate with others
• Save the Reviews
• Save the Best Places to Buy
• Organize with Custom Lists
• Take it all with you for extra barganing power!