Your Profile and Collaborators

Profile Page
Your Profile Page allows you to share information about yourself with other members of CoKnown.
Your Full Name is required
Your email address is not visible on the site.
It is used by the site so that your CoSearchers can email you.
It is also used as the send address when you send email through the site.

Things You Can Add:
     • Your Photo (Highly Recommended!)
     • Degrees/Certifications
(i.e Jane Doe, PhD)
     • A Personal Greeting

Adding Your Photo
To add or update your Photo
(1) Click Edit My Profile in the Collaborator menu (right of My Profile)
(2) Select an Image (jpg, gif, png)  and click upload
Your Photo will appear on your Profile.
Updating your Profile
To make changes on your Profile
(1) Click Edit my Profile from the Collaborator menu (right of My Profile)
(2) Make any additions or changes and click Update
Changing your Password
You can change your password at anytime
(1) C
lick Edit My Profile from the Collaborator menu (right of My Profile)
(2) Put in your new password and Verify Password
(3) Click Update

Don't forget to also Update your Toolbar Password!
(1) Start the Toolbar
(2) Enter your new password when prompted